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Honesty is the Best Policy

Now, I tend to be a brutally honest person [hence the subtitle of the blog]. Although it may be cliche to adhere to such a policy, I feel the world would be better off if more subscribed to it. Not only would you not have to worry if people were shooting you straight, but it’d make life a lot less stressful. Think back to all the times you’ve had an elephant in the room with you. Not only is that elephant 24,000 lbs, but it creates an immense amount of stink. Having to share a small room with something like that is a true pain and yet, people still live with that burden.

I, by no means, am not a saint, but I try to be as honest as I possibly can. I’ve run into trouble and don’t want to have to deal with that ever again. As a result of that experience, I’ve become a much better person. I tell the truth, and I expect the truth. Despite my opinion on the subject, I know others are not as forthright as I am, thus I’m not naive enough to believe everything I’m told. Regardless, it’s how I have decided to live my life and I feel it’s working out for me.

I understand business does not follow this mantra. There is a lot of looking the other way, tweaking the truth, and little white lies. I have yet to truly encounter these aspects of business, as a result of my being in only entry level jobs, but I am expecting it in the future. I know there are plenty of ethically sound companies who truly put forth the effort to be honest; however, just like the squeaky wheel gets the oil, the companies who lack integrity get the attention. It is disappointing to me that this is how life is.

Regardless of how it is, how society is structured, I don’t plan on bending. It may hold me back because I’m unwilling to compromise my character, but I feel the right company will see that as a positive attribute they want their people to have. I’ll wind up succeeding in an organization espousing comparable values, contributing in a meaningful way to achieve our goals.

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.

— Tennessee Williams



I Like to Run

Well, yesterday’s post seemed to be just in time for the entire Penn State situation to explode with the announcements of the President and head football coach being fired. I won’t get too into it, other than I agree, but there is still more to clean up.

To switch gears abruptly, I have recently realized I enjoy running. I’m looking to join and indoor soccer team soon and I’m terribly out of running shape. It’s been 5 years since I last ran. My 17 year old self would kick the crap out of me if I had to matchup against him in a soccer match. Regardless, I never used to enjoy running on its own. I loathed it to be perfectly honest. It is truly amazing how as you get a little older, things change, and you learn to enjoy some of the things you hated. Another key example of this is writing. I couldn’t stand writing papers in high school or college; however, here I sit, typing away putting fingers to…iPad.

Regardless, I have come to enjoy the briskness a November day has to offer. Running behind my apartment complex offers a change of scenery, rather than being stuck inside in a cube. I have a running partner, she is short, white, wiry, and a terrible runner. You would think a younger dog would be able to keep up with an out of shape twenty something, but that is not the case here. She was fine the first time we ran, only getting winded towards the very end when we were both caput. However, today was a different story. She lolliegagged from the very outset and didn’t find any reserves the rest of the run–more like a begrudging walk.

Despite my company, I enjoy the feeling of my calves tightening up, having to stretch to get comfortable, and sweating a little bit. ‘Times They are a Changing’ as Bob Dylan has said. I guess I don’t really have a choice, but I’m glad it’s happening.


What is up with our World?

With so much garbage happening within the past two weeks–the Penn State scandal and the sexual harassment allegations brought upon Herman Cain–I wanted to brighten it up. There is much better news which gets trumped by our society’s need to feel like crap. Why would these types of news be the leading stories of today? Why not talk about the good going on in the world. Maybe this is just my optimistic disposition,  despite my current situation, but I would rather be empowered by feats of good, rather than feel like I’ve had a 1,000 lb boulder crush my arm and have to cut it off with a dull pocket knife.

I’m mean listen to this, some guy who is 100 years old [Fauja Singh] completed a marathon in Toronto! How incredible is that? When I’m 100, I plan on sitting around with somebody playing PS3 or Xbox, rambling on about how I started out playing Madden ’93 on my hand-me-down Sega Genesis. I’m going to be a blast in 78 years, but I digress.

Another positive news piece I recently read about was how men, myself included, have deemed November, Movember. Originally, I thought this was just putting a spin on No-Shave-November; however, it is a way to raise awareness about men’s health issues. Talk about a fun, goofy, and very public way to get people to think. I’ve had to shave my sad attempt at a mustache due to an interview, but I’m back and growing strong.

Why aren’t these the types of things leading on newscasts and on the front of websites? There is enough pain and suffering we deal with on a daily basis. How about instead of just finishing with a feel good, pick-me-up story at the end of the broadcast, we inject some life into our daily news to demonstrate humanity is good and we are not all sick degenerates.


Why Me? Why am I Different/Special?

Marketing is all about helping people to decide one thing over another. A job hunt is very similar to this. Everyone always tells me, “You’ve got to sell yourself” well what makes me so special? Why should someone pick me over someone else? Really, when it all gets boiled down, into a reality stew, it’s pretty darn negative. I have to demonstrate why I am better than someone else, another human being who is probably in a similar situation I am.

Another popular maxim is, “it’s a dog eat dog world.” [How would someone even think to come up with this kind of saying? When was the last time you saw one dog devour another?] I don’t understand it, I just live in it. I wish it weren’t so competitive in the real world; regardless, I feel prepared. Why? I have grown up with sports. They are such a good preparation for anything in business. There is consistent team comparisons within business and having participated in team sports all my life, [since I was 5] I’m equipped to contribute right off the bat [another weird idiom].

It truly sucks to have to be so cut throat when it comes to competing for a job, but it’s reality. I met a guy today who beat me out for a position I applied for. He had no idea I had applied for the same position, but hearing him talk about it showed me everyone has their turn, finds their fit. That was his, I’ve yet to find mine. I feel I’m close, but who knows–maybe  I’ll be talking with a person who knows I beat them out of a job they applied for.

Every dog has their day.


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