The Challenge: Implementation

Today, we shall continue our voyage into my attempt at targeting older demographics to bolster Apple iPad 2 sales. In the first installment we began to understand our customers. They are old men who aren’t technologically savvy.

Now, we’ve established a framework for how the commercial’s will look and what changes I’d make. This brings us to the implementation of the campaign.

The commercials will be slotted to appear during programs the older demographic [60-70 years old] frequently watches. Based on solely personal experience I feel the news is an incredible place to start. Much of the younger generations don’t watch the evening news simply out of the fact we get our information elsewhere [social media, online news, etc.], yet the older demographics are more likely to tune in because it is what they have always done. We, as humans, are creatures of habits. Not only do we stick with what works, but we will even stick to something that doesn’t just because we’re comfortable with it. That said, this is the exact issue marketing to this demographic presents.

My plan would be to slowly integrate the ad campaign into the nightly news time slots [4pm-6pm]. From there, I would continue my research and see if maybe day-time television would be a road to take [This is where some serious research would have to be done in collaboration with the major networks to truly understand where my audience watches]. However, with regard to the news slots, I would slowly increase the frequency of the revamped commercials demonstrating the feasibility of older people using the iPad 2 to enrich their lives. Not only would this then inform the right target market, but it would also remove some of the anxiety new technology often creates innately.


Next, on our journey through my marketing campaign, I’m going to come up with a commercial. Establish the setting, get the gist of what the actors will say, and paint a verbal picture of what the targeted audience will see.



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