Cute Ad Campaign

Post graduation, I feel I’ve become infatuated with everything marketing. I don’t ignore advertising any more, I look for it. This may bring out my inner nerd, but I enjoy it. Whether it be walking down the street, listening to the radio, or watching TV, I love ads [about the only ones I can’t stand are the ones on words with friends]. Lately, I’ve found a campaign that really strikes a chord with me.

The Cuties campaign very light and bright, but it is simple. Here is a taste of what they are doing to try and get the world to buy Cuties. I feel this is one of the most complete ads in recent memory. After hearing this spot a few times, I found myself repeating the tagline, “Kids love Cuties because Cuties are made for kids” over and over trying to match the innocent, sweet voice of the narrator. All the commercial consists of is two kids sitting eating Cuties. No fancy photography, not special effects, nothing. The words of the narrator seem so pure because of how innocent she sounds. Everything in this commercial is working together, pulling on heartstrings [aka ethos] and making you want to either give that experience to a child, or relive your own childhood by eating a cutie [who doesn’t remember getting covered in cutie juice and having your hands smell fantastic for the rest of the day?].

The campaign is well rounded, pulling on emotions, driving the consumer to feel they need this product. They highlight the benefits of the product: sweet, seedless, EZ peel. It has a safe feeling which right now is difficult to feel in our current economic times. Whoever said sex sells was smart, but that method tends to have a guiltiness to it. I just feel wonderful after watching a commercial like this, kids/innocence sell.



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